spice up your life

Our Spice Alchemist's taste for the exotic infuses our

oils, pickles and sauces, with passion and more than a little fire.


an Alchemist's tale:


This crazy food journey started whilst sharing dim sum over lunch one sunny Sunday with a friend. He remarked how much he loved the chili dip they served and that shop bought versions just didn’t taste the same. Always up for a culinary challenge I said I would try to make him his very own chili oil. After many attempts and a few tears (I forgot that chili juice burns your eyes!) I finally concocted the perfect blend of chili and garlic that infuses our Chiu Chow Chili Oil. The final test came when I bestowed this precious jar to a much surprised and delighted friend and muse. He loved it.


A week later whilst at another friends house for dinner (yes there is a theme emerging) I mentioned what I had done and he surreptitiously beckoned me to his fridge, opened it and lo and behold sitting on the top shelf were 3 jars of shop bought Chiu Chow. He confessed his addiction, he'd taken to slathering it on nearly everything he ate and jumped at the offer to try my homemade blend. Slightly uncomfortable at the prospect of fueling his dependence, I agreed to mule him a jar. Instant hit!

After devouring the Chiu Chow quicker than I could cook it he suggested I should consider making it for sale, oh and why not add some more items to boot. Challenge 2 set and accepted.

I am fortunate, some might say privileged, to have many friends and family who have certain dietary requirements which, when I started to expand my tasting collective, required me to meet their specific needs. Discovering on the way that many similar, shop-bought, mass produced products are high in sugar, preservatives and flavour enhancers. This just wouldn’t do for my extended clans needs and a more discerning, food savvy public.

By this point I was hooked and decided to make the most delicious chili based products that use fresh ingredients, contain little or no sugar or preservatives and source as much local produce as possible.

Fast forward through a montage of late nights, many tasting sessions and lots of revised recipes.


This short tale of happenstance and invention brings me to the present day where I have a plethora of tasty morsels in the range of oils, pickles and sauces with many more being crafted in The Flaming Bonsai workshop.

-The Spice Alchemist