Come and meet us at our market stalls, have a chat, sample our wares and leave with some delicious morsels to stimulate your taste buds. To tempt you further, we bring freshly baked bao buns to every market, filled to bursting flavour sensations, packed with our handmade sauces and pickles.  

Salutations, spice folk, I am thrilled to announce a regular hitching post for my spice wagon of wares. So please come join me, sample my latest flavour sensations this Saturday in the Food Lovers Haven that is, the Barnes Farmers Market. See you there.


Barnes Farmers Market

Saturday, 10am-2pm

Next Markets: June 2nd & 23rd

Location: Essex House Surgery, Station Road, Barnes, SW13 0LW

A Food Lover's Haven...
One of the oldest farmers markets in London.


But wait...there's more! Another fabulous foodie location, the wonderful Food Market Chiswick have invited The Flaming Bonsai to run a guest stall next month at their celebrated event. Come see what all the buzz is about, have a chat, try a taster and leave with a warm glow in your heart, mind and belly. See you there.


The Food Market Chiswick – Dukes Meadows

Sunday, 10am-2pm

Next Market: June 24th

Location: Market Drive, Chiswick, W4 2RX

The Food Market Chiswick is held in the farmyard setting of the Grove Park Farm House.  

Hey spice visionaries; I’m not sure I can contain myself, we're set to Spend Summer Sunday's soaking up the sun at three top foodie destinations across West London.  Hurrah I hear you cry, and rightly so. On the First Sunday of the month we will be hoisting the Spice pavilion at Kew Village Market. There’s live music and lots of lovely things to come and try. Come on down to see what’s going on and try some of the wonderful morsels set to rouse your taste buds. See you there.


Kew Village Market

1st Sunday of the month. 10am-2pm

Next Market: June 3rd

Location: Station Parade, Richmond, England, TW9 3PS

Once a month the village streets are closed to traffic for the bustling market of over 45 stalls.