Once acquired, what can you do with The Flaming Bonsai's wonderful wares, I hear you cry? It’s reasonable to ask and I would be remiss not to give you an answer or two (or more).

I have submitted for your perusal a selection of recipes that I prepare to give sustenance to the Alchemist clan after spending a long and arduous day in the laboratory.

nom, nom, nom

Chicken, Broccoli & Black Bean Sauce

This delicious Chicken in Black Bean Sauce is a classic Chinese recipe and one of my favourites. It is easy to prepare and quick to cook. Serve with plain steamed rice for a fabulous meal, perfect for a mid week supper.



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Sweet chili chicken  

Sweet Chili Chicken – what can I say? It's just mouth-wateringly moreish with all that tender chicken luxuriating in sticky, sweet and savoury sweet chili sauce. So good you might not want to share.